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March 08, 2013 9:02 am ET
Today's monthly jobs report shows 236K jobs created in February and the unemployment rate down to 7.7%. It comes as the Dow hit its highest closing level ever this week and amidst reports that corporations rather than rank-and-file workers are reaping the lion's share of the recovery's gains.

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We need more good economic news like this -- that means hiring more Americans, not firing them.

Connect: After years of grueling recession, Americans are relieved to welcome good economic news.

Define: Six million jobs in the last three years are great, but we can't rest until the job market and wages are recovering like the stock market.

Contrast: The Dow Jones soaring to new heights shows us that corporate profits are doing just fine.

Discredit: But for America's regular workers, who are more productive than ever, incomes are falling behind.

Warn: We need to keep the good economic news coming, but Republicans in Congress have guaranteed job losses instead -- killing 750,000 jobs with the sequester and putting our fragile recovery at risk.

Values: America works best when we value working people and an honest day's work is rewarded with honest wages.


ATTACK: "According to the Let's Invest for Tomorrow (LIFT) coalition, we need to move to a territorial tax system to make our economy more competitive."


  • A "territorial tax system" is Washington lobbyists' code for rewarding big multinational corporations for sending American jobs overseas.
  • It should be a no-brainer that we should be rewarding companies for investing in America and putting Americans back to work, not giving them more tax breaks for offshoring jobs.
  • The stock market highs go to show that big corporations are doing just fine. The lion's share of our economic recovery is already going to corporate profits instead of regular workers' pockets.
  • Some corporations like GE and Verizon get away with paying no income taxes at all. Hardworking Americans pay their taxes and play by the rules -- so should big corporations

ATTACK: "These sequester spending cuts are very modest."

  • Economic experts are warning that the sequester's spending cuts will kill 750,000 jobs this year alone -- not to mention cut the things that America needs, like our schools, job training, research and innovation, efforts to keep our air and water clean.
  • Sure, if you're a wealthy and out-of-touch Congressman, job losses and cuts to the things regular Americans count on might not be a big deal. But for ordinary Americans, they matter.
  • It's almost as if Republicans in Congress think regular Americans deserve these things to happen -- the massive cuts to our home front investments they've been pushing for all along.


  • The wages of most workers have barely risen since 1980 because the vast majority of the gains from growth have gone to the wealthiest few. In fact, America's median household income has dropped by more than $4,000 since 2000, after adjusting for inflation.
  • 120% of the gains of the economic recovery have gone to the richest 1%, which means that the 99% went back into recession so that the wealthiest few could come out better in 2010 and 2011.
  • This week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average -- an index of 30 U.S. blue-chip stocks -- hit record closing highs not seen since 2007 and more than doubled its value since the financial crisis.
  • The reason millionaires and billionaires like Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett pay lower taxes than their secretaries is because the money they make off their fortunes is taxed at the artificially low capital gains & dividends rates.
  • During the Great Recession, over 8 million jobs were lost -- the worst employment crash since the Great Depression. Mid-wage occupations such as office managers and truck drivers accounted for 60% of the job losses during the recession, but only a fifth of the gains during the recovery.
  • Private employers have added over 6 million jobs to their payrolls in the last 36 months. But economic experts are warning that the sequester's spending cuts will kill 750,000 jobs this year alone.
  • By embracing the sequester, Republicans in Congress are forcing more European-style austerity on America -- even though unemployment across the 17-nation Eurozone just hit a new record high and the recession is coming back or getting worse for countries like Britain and Spain.
  • By a 20 point margin, Americans believe that the sequester is the Congressional Republicans' fault.
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