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Voting Rights


ATTACK: "We need these voter ID laws to protect our elections against rampant voter fraud."

  • We all agree that protecting the integrity of our elections is vitally important -- that’s why we already have strict laws and protections in place.
  • We should also all be able to agree that it's wrong for politicians to take away the voting rights of millions of eligible Americans -- especially seniors and veterans who've been lifelong voters -- to stop the very rare instances of ineligible people trying to vote.
  • The Republican politicians pushing the new anti-voting restrictions even admit there's no evidence to back up their scaremongering and that they're deliberately trying to keep the people whose vote they can't count on from voting at all.
  • If they're really trying to protect our elections, why are they and their right wing allies pushing restrictions that just make it harder, costly, and less convenient to register and vote and to make us feel like voting is “like driving and seeing the police following you"?

ATTACK: "If you need ID to buy cold medicine or to get on an airplane, you should have to show ID to vote."

  • Voting is a fundamental freedom guaranteed by more Constitutional amendments than any other right we have. Getting on an airplane and buying cold medicine aren't enshrined in our Constitution. 
  • People who aren't who they claim to be shouldn't vote, but strict, one-size-fits-all laws that require one specific type of ID -- which politicians know more than twenty million American voters don’t have -- will only deny millions of law-abiding Americans their right to vote.
  • Republican politicians are trying to rig our voting system for one purpose alone: to keep Americans they don't like from being counted at all by imposing requirements they can't meet.

FALSEHOOD: "These voter ID laws don't suppress voters."

  • Actually, these new anti-voting laws and restrictions will make it harder for millions of Americans to vote.
  • Here's the truth: Republican politicians are trying to turn our fundamental right to vote into a partisan issue because if they can't count on your vote, they don’t want you to be counted at all.
  • President Obama won 95 percent of the African-American vote, two-thirds of the Hispanic and Asian vote, and two-thirds of the youth vote. Some politicians are manipulating voting laws to make it especially hard for these Americans to vote. You do the math.
  • We're Americans -- it's our responsibility as citizens to participate in our great democracy.

ATTACK: "We need to tougher laws because Democrats rig and steal elections."

  • Politicians are trying to turn our fundamental right to vote into a partisan issue because they're afraid of facing the American people in the next election.
  • We all agree that protecting the integrity of our elections is vitally important -- that’s why we already have strict laws and protections already in place.
  • So we should stop the rare cases of ineligible people casting a ballot, but it's wrong for politicians to block millions of eligible Americans from participating equally in our democracy in the process -- especially seniors and veterans who've been lifelong voters.
  • Let's be clear -- these anti-voting laws are designed to keep tens of millions of Americans from voting. We've never solved anything in America with less democracy, and we won't now.

ATTACK: "Democrats are trying to steal elections by registering dogs and dead people to vote."

  • There's no question we should stop the rare cases of ineligible people casting a ballot -- protecting the integrity of our elections is vitally important. That’s why we have strict laws and protections already on the books.
  • As it turns out, these cases were just simple data mistakes. But Republican politicians are still using them to drum up support for their anti-voting laws -- so they can prevent eligible voters they don't like from voting against them.
  • Whether it’s easy or hard, we should make sure every American has the same opportunity to register and vote. That is exactly what nonprofit organizations like the League of Women Voters and the Voter Participation Center do.
  • In the world's leading democracy, our own voting system should be free, fair, and equally accessible to all, and our leaders should be working to make sure every eligible citizen can vote.

FALSEHOOD: "The Obama campaign is trying to end early voting for our military in Ohio."

  • Actually, the Obama campaign is fighting to restore early voting in Ohio, and the President signed the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act into law -- which gave military voters more time to vote.
  • Thankfully Ohio service members never lost their right to vote early, but Ohio Republicans took it away from almost everyone else -- including more than 900,000 Ohio veterans.
  • Romney's claims are flat out untrue and even Fox News admits it, but he's still trying to twist the truth into a falsehood for political gain. That's shameful.
  • Politicians should be protecting our democracy by making sure everyone eligible to vote can vote -- not ending early voting just to keep voters they don't like away from the polls.

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